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Our Story

Our Story

Toledo’s Coffee has story

Professor Toledo worked for 47 years in the coffee market. He worked on important positions, taught courses, organized classification sectors, generated wealth for other brands through his creations, supported producers, participated in research, among other actions. With a career recognized by competent bodies, he gave us the knowledge that every day is a day to learn and do the best for others.

Coffee Market at the time

Consumers thought that all coffee was the same. Café Toledo was a pioneer in Brazil, combining theory and practice to show category differences to its customers. Aware of his responsibility when signing each report, Professor Toledo never accepted proposals offered to change them and this served to leave us another legacy: truth, honesty and character are essential bases for a successful company.


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Social Responsibility, Respect and Gratitude to You!




Do you know when and with which mission Toledo was born?

In 1999, the teacher, classifier and taster of coffee, through his knowledge in the coffee market, fabricated a product of excellence, with selected raw material, so that the consumer was contemplated with quality in each cup. Thus starting the gourmet category in Brazil.

After the death of the founder and his son, Café Toledo remains managed by his daughters and grandchildren that continue with the company’s values ​​and with all the legacy left by the master.

Mission: May the consumer feel happy when he tastes our coffee, which is made with love and knowledge to maintain a healthy and gourmet standard.

For You

Do you know what Café Toledo offers?

Quality with selected grains from Mogiana and Alta Mogiana Region (SP)

100% Arabica species (black, green and burnt grains free from defects)

Unique flavor with balance between body x acidity and pleasant aroma

YouTube channel (with recipes, curiosities, information and more)

Q-Grader, Qualified Team, Personalized service and After Sales

Partnerships with equipment and specialized technical assistance

Special courses for customers and modules extended to coffee lovers

Business vision where everyone wins (affordable)

Satisfied customers referring our product

cafe-toledo-parceria perfeita



We are a company that is aware of our actions and how we impact the Planet and next generations. Our products are the result of practices that positively celebrate Society and the Environment.

More than 20 years in the Gourmet business

Professionalism and passion for what you do

Proven quality standard

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The pioneer gourmet coffee in Brazil

Toledo Channel

Weekly tips on the world of coffee!


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Somar e realizar um negócio com amor e lucro exclusivo para clientes Toledo.



Compartilhar e ampliar conhecimentos através de uma rica experiência unindo teoria e prática no mundo do café.



A experiência de harmonizar café com queijos, especiarias, bolos e doces.


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